The Legend Of The Jermuk Deer

On top of a mountain in Jermuk, you can spot a majestic statue of a deer, looking over the landscape. It’s a spectacular view, especially during sunset or sundown. The story behind the statue is basically a legend, regarding the once full of deer populated region of Jermuk and the healing powers of the Jermuk spring.

According to a local legend, a hunter once shot and wounded a deer while hunting in Jermuk. However, the arrow did not managed to fatally wound the animal and it managed to run away. The hunter followed the wounded deer and watched it jump into a lake filled with the mineral spring water of Jermuk.

A few moments later the deer emerged from the lake, having no traces left of the wound inflicted on it by the hunter and made a successful escape. Thus the locals discovered the healing powers of Jermuk spring waters.


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