Reconstructing History Via Population Genetics With Dr. Armen Martirosian – TEDxYerevan

Population genetics is the study of genetic variation within populations and involves the examination and modeling of changes in the frequencies of genes and alleles in populations over space and time.

Population Genetics & The Armenian Population

Using the most current tool in the arsenal of those investigating history, Armen Martirosian discusses the methodology and techniques employed by population genetics to reconstruct the emergence and development of the Armenian population and the global implications related to it.

Dr. Armen Martirosian

Armen Martirosian moved from Honolulu Hawaii to Yerevan Armenia,  aspiring to study medicine, but along the way, his interests also sent him in various directions.

Today, not only does he work as an ultrasound specialist in the National Center for Oncology, introducing vascular and abdominal techniques learned in his earlier life in the United States, but he’s also a field consultant for anthropology, working in archaeological sites throughout Armenia, and is also involved in population genetics.

The latter two entail collecting ancient DNA from both historical and prehistorical sites in modern Armenia and Artsakh, as well as constructing the genetic profile of modern Armenians.